Hui Ho‘olohe

EnVision Maunakea’s Hui Ho‘olohe volunteer community advisory group is responsible for autonomous oversight throughout the EnVision Maunakea process. Upon completion, the Hui Ho‘olohe will summarize major themes that emerge from the process in a written report which reflects and articulates community-supported uses of Maunakea, as well as the conditions under which those uses can coexist. Findings will be shared with officials and agencies which have kūleana for Maunakea to inform future agreements, policies and regulatory actions that will deeply impact the summit.


Hui Ho‘olohe members were identified based on their connection to Maunakea and their willingness to seek collaborative solutions for the future of the mountain. All members are from Hawai‘i Island and each has a diverse array of experiences and perspectives on the mountain. Each member is connected and committed to ensuring good stewardship of Maunakea into the future, with the common belief that collaborative solutions are the best way forward. They have participated actively in crafting the format of EnVision Maunakea’s ‘Aha Kūkā, or professionally facilitated listening sessions, and attend regular planning meetings to ensure EnVision Maunakea provides safe and respectful spaces for productive discussions and invites open dialogue to discover common narratives surrounding Maunakea.


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