1. Q: Who are the Hui Ho‘olohe?
    A: The Hui Ho‘olohe is an autonomous advisory committee comprised of 10 Hawaiʻi Island community members who have volunteered to:

    1. oversee the collection of broad community perspectives on current relationships to and future uses of Maunakea,

    2. document findings in a written report, and

    3. prepare a written summary articulating the uses the community supports and the conditions under which those uses can coexist that will be shared with officials and agencies that have kūleana for Maunakea to inform future agreements and policies.


    All members share the belief that solutions can be created through open, constructive conversations which reflect a variety of interests in and relationships to Maunakea.


    As volunteers from the community and at their request to focus attention on EnVision Maunakea’s community process, members of the Hui Ho‘olohe have asked that their personal information (beyond their names) not be published.


    General information on the Hui Ho‘olohe, including their selection process, roles, and responsibilities, can be found on this page.

  2. Q: What is the selection process for participation in ‘Aha Kūkā listening sessions?
    A: Full details about the ‘Aha Kūkā can be found on this page, including how to submit interest in participation.
  3. Q: How does EnVision Maunakea expect to provide a comprehensive cross-section of community opinion on future uses of the mountain?
    A: All perspectives are vital to the success of this project; and, because we are unable to speak directly with everyone, EnVision Maunakea gathers perspectives through diversity. A variety of demographics contribute to EnVision Maunakea through multiple processes so a variety of interests and relationships will be represented in the final written document. EnVision Maunakeaʻs website also provides a form where people can contribute their manaʻo to the process.
  4. Q: How does EnVision Maunakea ensure its process is fair and balanced?
    A: Infrastructure for EnVision Maunakea is provided by Friends of the Future, an independent nonprofit based in Waimea, ensuring execution of the project retains focus on the well-being of the mountain and the community. Information gathered through the EnVision Maunakea progress is overseen by the Hui Hoʻolohe, a volunteer group of Hawaiʻi Island residents with diverse backgrounds and a shared belief that a collaborative solution is the best way forward. Community perspectives about the future of Maunakea are collected through a series of ʻAha Kūkā (listening sessions), open to anyone living on Hawaiʻi Island. Productive conversations are facilitated with an array of demographics whose relationships to, experiences on and hopes for the future of Maunakea reflect the community diversity. Progress reports will be shared and additional input sought from the community to ensure all vital narratives are reflected in the final report.
  5. Q: What is the role of the University of Hawai‘i?
    A. EnVision Maunakea was co-founded by a working group comprised of representatives from Canada-France-Hawai‘i Telescope, Friends of the Future, ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center, Office of Maunakea Management, and the University of Hawai‘i. All co-founders came together out of a desire to understand:

    1. the path that brought the community to this moment in Maunakea’s history,

    2. how the past informs the future the community strives to create for forthcoming generations, and

    3. what does the community envision for Maunakea 100 years from now.


    Funding for EnVision Maunakea is derived from grants and charitable contributions from the University of Hawai‘i Institute for Astronomy, Office of Maunakea Management, ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center and Canada-France-Hawai‘i Telescope.

  6. Q: What is the role of the Office of Maunakea Management?
    A: Please see Q#5.
  7. Q: What is role of Friends of the Future?
    A: Please see Q#5.
  8. Q: What is the timeline for the publication of the final report?
    A: Please see the EnVision Maunakea timeline on this page. Progress reports will be released to the public via the Envision Maunakea website throughout the process.
  9. Q: Will there be a public comment period?
    A: Following the completion of the draft report and before the final report is issued to University of Hawai‘i Chancellor Straney, County and State agencies, EnVision Maunakea will share preliminary findings publicly to ensure all vital narratives are reflected in the final report. Public feedback is invited throughout the process via the Envision Maunakea website.
  10. Q: Will media be invited to the ‘ʻAha Kūkā listening sessions?
    A: EnVision Maunakea’s ʻAha Kūkā listening sessions provide a safe, protected space where participants can speak openly and honestly about their experiences with, and hopes for, the future of the mountain. To ensure the anonymity of participants, media coverage is not possible; but a key task of the Hui Hoʻolohe is to capture and share with the broader community important perspectives and themes expressed. Envision Maunakea will report on details of what is said without identifying speakers, and progress reports will be released to the public via the Envision Maunakea website.