Envision Maunakea


(Maunakea is the astonishing mountain that stands in the calm:  Pukui, ʻŌlelo Noʻeau)

The futures of many of Hawai‘i’s residents, on-island and across the State, are intertwined with the future of Maunakea. It is essential their voices are included in the community’s effort to create a lasting vision for the mountain. With this need in mind, EnVision Maunakea was designed as a community-based initiative to gather a wide range of perspectives on the mountain’s future and put these valuable insights in the hands of decision-makers. This process will inform policy and regulatory actions that will deeply impact the summit of Maunakea.


EnVision Maunakea seeks to nurture civil conversations in our community regarding the future of the mountain that is in many ways central to Hawai‘i. The process will provide safe, respectful spaces for productive discussions—facilitating understanding of the path that brought us to this moment, how that past informs the future we strive to create for forthcoming generations, and what kind of future we envision for Maunakea 100 years from now.


EnVision Maunakea will initially collect community input through ʻAha Kūkā (listening sessions), designed to invite and encourage Hawaiʻi Island residents from as many differing perspectives as possible. The intent is to engage in open, respectful and inclusive conversations about our communityʻs relationship with the mauna, how different uses can coexist and how these may unfold over the next 100 years. Are you interested in participating? Sign up here and request to join an ʻAha Kūkā session. Or if you prefer, use this form to share your mana’o with us now.


The process will be supported by a Hui Ho‘olohe – a volunteer advisory team of Hawai‘i Island community members with diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Hui Ho‘olohe members share the belief that innovative solutions can be created through open, constructive conversation and purposeful collaboration. Organizational support for the process will be provided by Friends of the Future, an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Waimea.